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Customized wardrobes for the whole house, the big trend of home decoration

At present, consumers’ living needs have changed from simply meeting their daily needs to deeper needs such as quality, experience, design, and service. Renovation has emerged in response to the situation and has quickly become a new trend for the further development of the current industry.

The so-called complete decoration is “customer-centered, based on the overall design, providing a full set of services such as decoration materials, basic construction, soft decoration accessories, customized furniture, design, and installation, etc., to provide consumers with overall home decoration solutions that can meet the living functions plan”.

On this basis, major customization companies and upstream and downstream industry chain companies have introduced new ideas and proposed newer concepts. Among them, the “one-stop whole-home customization” concept proposed by Sweet Company is expected to stand out and become the future competition in the home furnishing industry. pattern, the most powerful competition model.

In the current stock competition market, it is increasingly difficult for companies to acquire customers, and consumer demand is also increasing. To obtain continuous consumer attention, new consumption scenarios need to be constructed to transform past one-time transactions into sticky consumption. Have continuous customers and achieve sustainable development.

Therefore, Sweet proposed the concept of “one-stop whole-home customization” and provides whole-house home customization, including cabinets, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bookcases, TV cabinets, wine cabinets, sideboards, bathroom cabinets, balcony cabinets, and washing machine cabinets. , storage cabinets, display cabinets, through reasonable layout, high unit value products, combined with high-frequency products, effectively build customer consumption stickiness, thereby achieving breakthroughs in sales and customer flow.

To this end, Sweet will further improve the product series based on the existing product system, and continue to build a cost-effective supply chain system to achieve the goal of becoming a one-stop shop.

One-stop home improvement service providers will also become a new growth point for home consumption. Through integrated design, one-stop shopping, and a package of services, they serve the public and are committed to solving the needs of 80% of the public and providing all users with integrated services. Home customization.

Under the trend of restructuring, Sweet can reduce the dimensionality of competitors by upgrading the business model, thereby gaining long-term advantages in the market and helping the long-term stable development of the industry.

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