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How to buy kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are the bulky items in the kitchen, consisting of cabinet panels, door panels, countertops, hardware, add-ons, and sinks. The choice of kitchen cabinets has effects on the overall appearance and comfort of use. So, how do we buy the right kitchen cabinets?

  1. Measurement.Measure the size of the required cabinets, and get a general understanding of the cabinet design and production costs. When drawing the kitchen floor plan, the positions of the doors and windows of the kitchen should be marked, and the positions of the kitchen sockets, gas tanks, and upper and lower water pipes should also be marked.
  2. Budget.Make a budget for the kitchen cabinet. It is recommended that you do not exaggerate the installation budget of the cabinet with the designer when purchasing, so as not to waste your own and the designer’s time.
  3. Communication. When communicating with the designer, truthfully explain the current situation of the kitchen and the needs of the family, such as the direction of the kitchen and the direction of the pipes. It is also necessary to explain the height and cooking habits of the main cook in the home so that the cabinet will be easy to use after installation.
  4. Consideration. Pay attention to the edge sealing of the kitchen cabinet body and panel. For example, many people choose cabinets with plastic molded panels, which can expose the surface panels to the air, which is not only beautiful, but also effectively seals the formaldehyde exit, and has a good moisture-proof effect.

The above are the general steps when choosing a cabinet, and the specific needs need to be communicated with the designer in detail. If you need to buy cabinets and don’t want to spend too much time, you can contact Hanse Cabinet, we have a professional designer for you.

Hanse has a wide variety of kitchen cabinets:

Modern Classic White Shaker Style Wood Kitchen Cabinet

White shaker kitchen cabinets are characterized by their durable all-wood construction, visual simplicity, and affordability. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets use rail frames and panel construction with recessed panel doors. This is what gives shaker cabinet doors their classic clean lines. Color can be white, black, gray, red, yellow, blue, green, or customized.

Modern Light Gray High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

Gray gloss kitchen cabinet cupboards have it’s peculiar, though some people may think it’s dull and depressing. However, when you just design one of the functional rooms, like the kitchen, it can create a perfect look. Color can be white, black, gray, red, yellow, blue, green, or customized.

Modern Black Wood Grain Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re on a budget, melamine cabinets are an affordable option. Melamine is heat-sealed by pressing wood, MDF, or plywood between sheets that are saturated with hot-melted melamine resin. These cabinets are popular among owners because the paper used can be printed in any color or design, making these cabinets fully customizable and affordable.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike hollow wood cabinets or cabinets made of lower materials, solid wood cabinets are durable and rugged. The solid wood cabinets are beautiful and work in any style of kitchen. They are also durable, resistant to stains, and high humidity, and won’t swell or warp.

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