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Column Style Aluminum Custom Wardrobe

Column Style Aluminum Custom Wardrobe

Wall hanging cloakroom: refers to an open layout that goes against traditional cloakroom design, incorporating hardware systems, lighting systems, and modern style wall panels to create a simple yet elegant, noble yet not vulgar cloakroom design.


Features: Modern and beautiful style, lightweight and simple, easy to take and place,

Suitable audience: young people with inner fashion and modern aesthetic concepts.

1. Simple DIY column style cloakroom: an open cloakroom that can be formed by simply splicing metal brackets and storing them on an empty wall, simple and generous.

2. Variable rack column style cloakroom: This type of column style cloakroom is made of special materials and has a significant feature, which is the variable rack. Users can freely arrange storage space according to their needs; Because its aluminum alloy has a low density but relatively high strength (close to or exceeding that of high-quality steel), it has good plasticity.


There are generally two types of cloakrooms, one is created by dividing the building itself, and the other is created by dividing the space again by oneself or the designer. In fact, the latter does not need to be too large in space, only needs to be sufficient. It is best not to take up space on clothes that are rarely worn in daily life. We can take some time to organize them and invite them out, which is an optimization of activity space.

When selecting a column style wardrobe, hardware is an important part of ensuring quality. If it is only for the sake of temporary affordability, it will cause some trouble for future maintenance. In our changing room, we can design a seat or retractable pull rod, which can also be used to sit or hang clothes when changing. This is actually a very user-friendly design



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