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Wall Mounted Open Dressing Room Closet

Wall Mounted Open Dressing Room Closet

The wall mounted wardrobe has no side panels or door panels, providing a more transparent visual experience. It not only allows for easy access to clothing or accessories, but also showcases the owner’s taste and elegance.

4)Cabinet door panel color card

5)Storage function hardware


The wall mounted cloakroom adopts an open design, rejecting traditional wardrobe door panels. The clothes are clear at a glance and the view is transparent and generous. The board design is exquisite, and pure colors inject a touch of elegance into the space, showcasing the homeowner’s ultimate taste.


The embedded light strip maximizes the restoration of clothing color and creates a soft and lightweight spatial atmosphere. The wooden layered panel with light adopts invisible fasteners, ensuring a simple and beautiful visual appearance.

The soft and bright top light source is transparent and bright, bright but not swaying, and the metal clothing is sturdy and durable, conveying the simple and not flashy characteristics of the product. Fashionable elements are integrated into every design detail, achieving a perfect collision of idealism and freedom, creating a personalized world with a different atmosphere. Having a wall mounted dressing room is itself a beautiful scenery.

Advocating freedom and individuality, yet carrying a hint of fashion. A simple and elegant wall mounted dressing room, classic and durable, yet practical and atmospheric.

Supported by wall panels, the partition is more sturdy and minimalist than traditional wardrobes. The high-tech aluminum alloy lifting clothes pole is exquisite and fashionable, and will not deform even if it bears a weight of 30Kg.

Each partition and wall panel are connected in a mortise and tenon style, which is both stable and can be easily adjusted in height according to storage needs, eliminating all concerns about creases and making delicacy a part of the hostess’s life.

The wall mounted cloakroom is designed for fashionable individuals who pursue simplicity and practicality. Simplify the design to maximize the cleanliness and smoothness of the surface; There are clever tricks inside, and a reasonable layout planning provides the most practical storage space.

“Everywhere in life is aesthetically pleasing”. A calm and comfortable dressing room may be the starting point for pursuing an elegant life. Let’s start with a wall mounted dressing room to create your exquisite and orderly lifestyle taste.




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