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Warda Apartment
Supplied Product: wardrobe, bed, desk and bookcase.
Quantity: 283 units.
Location: Shenzhen, China.

The integrated shoe changing stool in the shoe cabinet makes it convenient to put on shoes while sitting. There is an open shoe rack under the shoe changing stool, where commonly used shoes can be easily accessed. The hollow design in the middle of the storage cabinet allows for display and retrieval without delay.

Guest restaurantA natural, warm and pleasant living room atmosphere. The integrated design of the living room and dining room makes the home more warm.

Builtin refrigerator design, embedded without trace.

Master bedroom
Streamlined invisible door, full of highend feel

Girl’s Room
The steps sit everywhere and carry multiple functions such as storage, reading, and entertainment.

Boy’s Room
The bedside cabinet has a push cabinet and a storage cabinet under the bed to meet various storage needs.

The low cabinet partition design in the horizontal hall is simple and elegant and can be installed.

Storage design at the corner of the low cabinet,

It is anti-collision and also increases storage space.

Transparent display cabinet + storage cabinet with floor-standing TV cabinet,

Full of high-end feeling!

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