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Long town
Supplied Product: shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, cloakroom, desk and bookcase.
Quantity: 620 units.
Location: Huizhou, China.

Study room
It meets the needs of the family for independent working and reading. It can also be used as a temporary bedroom when guests come. The overall design is simple and practical.

The master bedroom has an independent U-shaped layout cloakroom, dressing table + wardrobe, which is really beautiful! The storage is also great!

The shoe-changing bench is designed to allow you to change shoes freely at home. There are four commuting compartments under the shoe-changing bench to store commuting shoes, which is convenient and practical.

living room
The drawer table has a floor-to-ceiling design, with flat doors and a wooden tabletop, which is simple and attractive. The open cabinet on the left side of the TV background wall, with shelf lights, makes the storage display beautiful. Font-shaped sofa legs, suspended leather sofa, simple and fashionable, suitable for all sizes of apartments!

Dining room
The sideboard has a hidden sensor light strip design, which makes it full of atmosphere and full of heart. Glass cabinets, open compartments, and storage cabinets are all available to meet a variety of needs.

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